The following pieces of writing are either written by friends of mine or were found in some sort of collection. Enjoy!

The Gift of Sharing by Stephanie Kirk
Michelangelo by Lorine Niedecker
The Finder by Robin Blaser

The Gift of Sharing

A homeless girl on the street corner smiles sweetly at me from a dirty face. Woe is tainting her eyes. "Come away with me" she whispers. I take her hand, and I am transformed. I see all her pain and her glory in one amazing swoop. Soulless, mindless demons rape her imagination. Innocence is lost like a feather in the breeze. She let's go of my hand and reality spins like a top. She smiles at me again, this time not as sweetly. I can see envy blanketing her youth. "All my pain is for you" she murmurs. A demon smile replaces her serenity, and I am forever lost in the bleeding world of a young girl's hate.

by Stephanie Kirk


If matches had been my work
instead of marble poems
I'd suffer

-- Lorine Niedecker

The Finder

on the windows, the dirty film
in the sunlight shaped by the shadows
of apple trees dry winter branches

on English Bay a ship appears,
its hiding over two masts, a doubling
of the cross two Christs

one matching the other where
the world dies

the tabloids of fire, a Sunday supplement
to the San Francisco Examiner out of place,
in this time rises from the page

in a lightning storm which holds
this man at the horizon in his apocalypse
a war burning, if the heart scores

bodiless, a curious blood and reasons
in ourselves inheriting the intellect
from out there defined by a President

who is violence in this world,
a definition of this destiny we have
effected all's well without

'your' intelligence where the world dies
I bend 'you' to my mouth and suck 'your' breath away
only worlds caught

in the glinting lights of those
pieces of glass found in the
forest under a tree crushed

and shining

-- Robin Blaser

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