From the Depths of the Cranium

I drain out my head sometimes, and this is what happens:

1: Three morbid poems written in 1997 for English class. Good stuff.

2: Some relatively recent poems describing personal events/disappointments.

3: Two poems about identity and other such nonsense.

4: These three poems deal, I guess, and all that mushy stuff.

5: Poems written in different stages of life; all dealing with concepts of myself.

6: Depressing stuff.

7: Two poems that were left over. I squashed them together here.

8: These were written a long time ago, so they kind of suck. But they remind me of my younger self.

9: Poems by Allen Ginsberg (the great). I have them posted up in my room--they make me think more. It's good therapy.

10: Poetry and prose by others (friends and miscellaneous authors).

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