These are two really old poems, written early in 1996. So if they seem a bit hokey, give me a break, I was only 14.


Outside influence tends to be negative
I leave the radio and TV off
And live in silence.
Lights might seem inviting
So I flick the switches
And live in darkness.
Their laughter could be directed at me
So I avoid everyone
And stay at home.
Falling could end up hurting
So I protect my heart
And live alone.
Anyone could be a threat
So I lock my windows and doors
And live in safety.

Image from a Crystal Ball

You can see the influences
We are products of out environment
It's a cycle--
we are influenced as we will in turn influence others--
we do out best to impress,
to make ourselves look better in the eyes of others
If we try to leave the group
and define ourselves,
a long, difficult path awaits us.
Evolution never harmed us--
we are on our way to perfection, or so it seems.
If perfection includes no aberrations,
I would gladly maintain my imperfections.
Being nameless would be my nightmare
without the luxury of waking up screaming;
no end to perfection.
Equilibrium reaches out, takes a grasp,
and we are made into a uniform body of liquid, with a few ripples here and there,
but no waves.
Some evaporates into the air
with no harm to the rest.
Life not worth living -
everyone else lives the same life.
Suspended in time
no hope for release.

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