KHALDA---------DIE!!!!!!!!!! You snake, you dog, you fake, you liar! Slut, strumpet, whore, prostitute, I'm changing my password. Hear my dreaming-- you'll be DROWNING!
The First Page

Coming Up

our father who art
in a penthouse
sits in his 37th
floor suite
and swivels to 
gaze down at the 
city he made me in
he allows me to 
stand and solicit
graffiti until he
needs the land
i stand on
i in my darkened 
threshold am pawing
through my pockets
the receipts
the bus schedules
the urgent napkin
the matchbook phone
numbers all of 
which laundering 
has rendered pulpy
and strange
loose change and a
key ask me
go ahead, ask me 
if i care 
i got the answer
here, i wrote it
down somewhere i 
just gotta find it
somebody and their
spray paint got 
too close somebody
came on too heavy
now look at me
made ugly by the
drooling letters
ain't that the way
it is they don't 
know the first 
thing but you 
don't know that 
til they take
the first swing
my fingers are 
red and swollen 
from the cold
i'm getting bold
in my old age
so go ahead, try
the door
it doesn't matter
i know the weak 
hearted are strong
willed and we're 
being kept alive 
until we're killed
he's up there, 
the ice clinking
in his glass
he sends me little
pieces of paper
i don't ask
i just empty my 
pockets and wait
it's not fate it's
just circumstance
i don't fool myself
with romance
i just live
phone number to
phone number
dusting them 
against my thighs 
in the warmth of my 
pockets which 
whisper history
incessantly asking 
me where were you?
i lower my eyes
wishing i could cry
more and care less
yes it's true
i was trying to 
love someone again
i was caught caring,
bearing weight
but i love 
this city
this state
this country is too
large and whoever's
in charge up there
had better take the
elevator down and
put more than 
change in our cup 
or else we
are coming
--Ani DiFranco

Here are some quotes from people I actually know. Friends, family, 
and other people.  Don't take anything seriously. Please. 

"EEEWWWWWW!  There's some NASTY on it!"  --Mareen

"You have low self-esteem.  You need to do more dishes."  --Mareen's dad

"La-la-la- Latin! Beautiful Latin! You are the only
la-la-la- Latin I adore...."  --Khalda

"311 sucks." --Shandon

"Low cards have feelings, too!"  --Kate

"Are your genitals in D's anal cavity, too?"  --Christine

"Even the hair on his legs is perfect!" --Naga

"Let's see.. what goofy face can I make now so that Megan can take a
picture and blackmail me for the rest of my life?"  --Mareen (heehee)

"Poop."  --Kim S.

"Poop."  --Ellie

"Hmm... I wonder if she's hot..."  --Jake

"Females are better than males at math. In fact, females are better 
than males at everything, even football!" --Jake

"Go suck your mother's goat's dick."  --Christine

"Christine, look at all these people!  Nobody's going to like you!"
--Christine's mom

"DMB!" --Jeanne-Marie

"Southpark!" --Jeanne-Marie

"The Doors!" --Jeanne-Marie

"HIPPIE!"  --Jeanne-Marie

"Goshdarnit, I just HAVE to walk this slow so all the chicks
can get an eyeful."  --a certain senior (God's gift to hypocrisy
with weak knees and a big fat head)

"I love Ani DiFranco." --Shandon

"Yeah, the doctor said this rash should be clearing up pretty soon but it's something fierce to look at, huh?" --Megan "the Scratch" Milks

"I'm sexy." --Ricky

"Alrighty, mighty Aphrodite." --Mark S.

"Oh my GOD! There are URINALS in here!!" --Naga

"I love Wes." --Eddie

"I'm so stupid!"  --Vicky (who is NOT stupid in any way)

"Vicky, shut up! You're so stupid!" --some annoying freshman

"I LOVE Calculus!" --Big Beth 

"Yo homey G.  I likes to keep the bass pounding so Mr. Johns can 
listen to Wu-Tang too."  --Mareen

"I got a straw." --BethE

"It's 'you'll'! It's 'you'll'!" --Naga

"It hurts really bad! I like can't even like move! It hurts when I 
go like this.  Ohmigod, I'm so lopsided! Stop looking! Stop it! 
Giggle, giggle, giggle."  --a certain ditz wannabe

"I want to get inside his body!"  --Justin

"I love Tori Amos."  --Shandon

"I'm a prostitute, and I'm proud of it." --Cloud (j/k)

"Hey, tramp! Get off my corner!" --Ratscrew Queen

"Megan, I can't believe you! You lied to me all this time! I really 
thought you believed in it too!  I really thought The Brown Thing
was real!!"  --Kim S.

"One of these days I'm going to stop listening to that dreaded hick
music." --David 

"Megan, I'll never ask you to clean your room again."  --my mom (i wish)

"Hot damn!"  --Granddad

"Your mom sucks a mofo." --Jeanne-Marie
"Uhhh.....well...ummm..very funny."  --my reply (I figured I should 
make fun of myself a bit too, just to balance things out.)

I hope I haven't offended anyone with these.  If you see yourself quoted above and are mad at me, I apologize!  Really, I don't mean anyone any harm.  Don't take it personally! I love you all (well, mostly all).