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Ben Folds Five:

NYC 11/6/97-(Grade- B) Theme from Dr. Pyser, Battle of Who Could Care Less, Philosophy, Selfless Cold and Composed, The Last Polka, Stephen's Last Night in Town, Fair, Brick, Kate, Jackson Cannery, One Angry Dwarf, Smoke, Julianne, Underground, She Don't Use Jelly, Song for the Dumped, Emaline


Gothenbugh, Sweden 10/7/95-(Grade-B+) Headphones, Army of Me, The Modern Things, Human Behavior, Isobel, Venus as a Boy, Possibly Maybe, Before You Came Back, The Anchor Song, Hyperballad, I Miss You, Crying, Violently Happy, Five Years, It's Oh So Quiet, Big Time Sensuality

Dave Mathews Band:

House of Blues 5/18/96 (from MTV)-(Grade- A-; 55 minutes) Tripping Biliies, What Would You Say?, Crash Into Me, So Much to Say, Too Much, Say Goodbye, Ants Marching, JAM, Halloween

Dave and Tim:

Charlottesville, VA 12/12/93-(Grade-B)Typical Situation, Recently, Pay for What You Get, Tripping Billies, Chatterbox, One Sweet World, Minarets, You Are My Sanity, Satellite, So Much to Say, Help Myself, Dancing Nancies, Is Anybody There?, I'll Back You Up, Ants Marching

Ben Harper:

NYC '95/1997 World Tour-(Grade-A) from 1995: Ground on Down, Voodoo Chile, Don't Take That Attitude to Your Grave, Concrete Jungle, Excuse Me Mister, Gold to Me, Sexual Healing, Please Me Like You Want To, Burn One Down, Jah Work; from 1997: The Will to Live, Faded, Forever, I Shall Not Walk Alone; (B-SIDES: Not Fire Not Ice, Wicked Man, Remember)

PJ Harvey:

Second to No One-(Grade- A+) (from Glastonbury Music Festival, England, 6/5/95) Teclo, Down by the Water, C'mon Billy, Long Snake Moan, 50 Ft. Queenie, Me-Jane; (from London Form, 5/11/95) Driving, 50 ft. Queenie, O My Lover, Hardly Wait, Long Snake Moan, I Think I'm a Mother, Naked Cousin

Imogen Heap:

San Francisco, CA 9/22/98-(Grade- A) Candlelight, Oh Me Oh My, Whatever, Foolish, Rake It In, Come Here Boy, Mutual, Sweet Religion, Pocket Sun, Sleep, Kidding

Sarah McLachlan:

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy Live-Live at L'Olympia, Montreal 4/9/94 and Wild Sky Studios in Morin Heights (Grade- A) Plenty, Good Enough, Wait, Home, Ice (studio), Ben's Song, Out of the Shadows, I Will Not Forget You, Terms (studio), Hold On, Possession, Mary (studio), Ice Cream, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, Ol' 55 (studio), Ice Cream (studio)

Toronto Live-(Grade- A) Building a Mystery, Wait, Path of Thorns, Good Enough, Angel, Hold On, Witness, Possession, Backdoor Man, Drawn to the Rhythm, Home, Shelter, Elsewhere, Out of the Shadows

Rusted Root:

Hobart College 5/17/94-(Grade- A) Moon, Sweet Mary, Won't Be, True, Run, Artificial Winter, Laugh As the Sun, Drums, Ecstasy, Back to the Earth, Sympathy for the Devil, Scattered

Lexington, VA 11/9/94-(Grade- B+) *Big White Bird, *Rain, Martyr, Cruel Sun, Laugh As the Sun, Ecstacy (*= with Boyd Tinsley)

Erie, PA 4/20/95-(Grade- A-) Run, Artificial Winter, Cat Turned Blue, Primal Scream, Lost in a Crowd, Martyr, Big White Bird, Voodoo, Rain, Sweet Mary, Cruel Sun, Send Me On My Way, Laugh As the Sun, Drums, Ecstasy, Back to the Earth

Smashing Pumpkins:

Austin, TX 11/30/96-(Grade- A) Tape 1: Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, Where Boys Fear to Tread, Zero, Cherub Rock, By Starlight, Tonight Tonight, Today, An Ode to No One, Through the Eyes of Ruby, Thirty Three, Disarm, Bullet with Butterfly Wings, Muzzle, XYU, 1979, Drown; Tape 2: Silverfuck, Interview with Billy and Jimmy---December 1991

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