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You have reached my page--good for you! I finally got around to creating a new web site--the previous one was really, really bad. I have grand plans for this one, and it will be under some serious construction in the next few weeks. When and if it ever gets done, it will be frequently updated, so make sure to come back and visit later. (Please?)
But first, some info about myself:

1. I am a junior at the Chesterfield County Math and Science High School at Clover Hill. I like saying that name. It's very long and impressive. I've lived in Chesterfield, VA for about 8 or 9 years now. Yes, it's hickville. I'm NOT a hick!

2. I love music. Every kind except country (yuck) and 311 (double yuck). I plan on creating some really great (hopefully) web sites dedicated to some of my favorite musicians (Tori, Ani, PJ, Jeff, etc...) including some sound clips. So if you're interested.....go to

3. I also love to read and write. Go to if you wanna read some poetry and/or book reviews.

4. Movies are great, too. Some info about my favorites can be found here--

5. Take my survey! I really need your input....go now!

6. And there were a couple things that I really wanted to include in my site, but I just couldn't figure out where I wanted to put them (my love of Latin and X-Files, to name a couple things), so to check it out, go to...

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