Milkyway-- Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco

by Duke

A boot-stomping, fire-breathing, laughter-inducing, ear-satisfying wonder of a newlywed.

Kickass music, ranging from immaculately beautiful to satanically savage. Either way, it's great stuff.

It all started out a long, long time ago in a land far, far away....the first album, cleverly titled "Ani DiFranco," was released in 1990.

Everywhere! This little number tours constantly...she's not hard to find.

Because she can--and because she's good at it.

There are so many web pages devoted to Ani; I don't think mine will outdo any of them. Just thought I'd try.

Ani's latest album, Little Plastic Castle, was released on February 18, 1998. It's still spinning in my CD player...

January 3rd- Ani was featured on Sessions at West 54th on PBS (along with Tricky)--did anyone catch this? It wasn't broadcast in my area, and I can't get my hands on a copy. Gimme some hope here!

May 10- Ani was a guest character on King of the Hill. (She was the voice of an angry rock star chick--talk about being typecast! It was cool though.)

Sound clips Includes acoustic version of "Little Plastic Castle" and a recording of a full concert among other things.
A Letter from Ani to the editor of Ms.

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